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Kinda stupid cycling question

Ok, so I'm brand new at this, so sorry if this question is dumb. I'm starting a 20 gal community tank that I hope to keep a betta in, but I know I need a back up plan if it doesn't work out. I don't have space for a larger (even like a 5 g) tank. But my back up plan is a 2.5 g on the kitchen table. So my question is how do you do a partial water change in a 2.5 g? I don't know if my gravel vac is small enough to work. But if I did full changes, my tank wouldn't be cycled. Can a gravel vac work in that small of a tank?
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In the small tanks I like to use the dip with a cup give it a stir to get the mulm/waste up in the water column and dip half the water out with one of the twice weekly water changes. Water clears after an hour or so after the filter is turned on.

I also made a small siphon with air line hose and chop stick that I use on my small tanks as well, I have read some that people use a turkey baster for water changes too.....
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If your siphon can fit in the tank you can use it, you'll have to stir everything up in advance if you don't have enough room to maneuver around with it though. :) The turkey baster is a good way to get into those tight spots and corners. 2.5G tanks can be cycled if they're filtered and live plants definitely help. Sponge filters are good for smaller tanks because they have lots of surface area for bacteria to colonize, but you don't have the issue of too much current like you can with a power filter in such a small space.
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