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Help with my filter!!!

Hello all,

I am new to the fishkeeping hobby. I always had goldfish as a kid but I decided I'd like the challenge of keeping tropical fish on my own. So, I went out and bought a 125 litre Rio 125 tank and set it all up in the proper way, treating the water, adding bacteria to establish the filter etc. etc.

So to start my tank off I added a betta with 3 sunray platys and 5 neon tetras and I wasn't intending to add any more fish for about two months. It was all going well, though on of the tetras was a fatality though I was expecting he wouldn't make it as I noticed right away that I'd bought one in poor condition, his tail had been partially bitten off and he was ultimately bullied to death by the other fish. Now I'd been having a problem with the filter. It was working well, but too well! The current was very strong, and the grating on the side which sucks water in was also the site of a strong current. I knew bettas don't like strong currents, so I was trying to reduce the flow of the current. I'd noticed him getting his big long fins sucked on the grating a few times, but whenever I prompted him to move, he could get away fine on his own, so that sort of dispelled my concerns. The other thing was that while he seemed quite content, he just would not eat - I tried daphnia, bloodworms and flakes, and he would take nothing. I put this down to stress and thought he would maybe start taking food in a few days. Well today I came in and could see him. Then I saw him stuck to the grating of the filter, dead. I'm totally totally gutted!

So I was wondering, has anyone got the tank I have? Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could reduce flow into/out of the filter? You see, I will get another betta one day as I absolutely love them, but I don't want to get another until I'm absolutely sure it won't happen again. I'm not really sure how he died, if he had suddenly died and been sucked on or had died because he got stuck. I think that with him having not been eating, he got sucked on and was too weak to get off, and drowned because he couldn't take air from the surface. I'd tried so hard to the tailor the tank to his needs too! I suppose this is a learning curve. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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