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Filter Question

Great Forum btw! lots of info.

a quick question. I have a tank now that is cycling. but once the tank is stocked with fish, and you doing the weekly water changes. how often should you change filter? seems like your are getting rid of the good bacteria as well.


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That is correct-over cleaning and changing the filter media can cause a mini-cycle of sorts.

You want to give the filter media a good swish/rinse in old tank water with a water change or in dechlorinated water 1-2 times a month and when the water flow slows to get the big pieces of gunk off to maintain the water flow.

To change the filter media-cut the spongy part off the old filter media and rubber band or attach it to the new filter media or place it in the filter box for a week or so until the new filter media is seeded-monitor the ammonia for a week is also advised when changing the media.

I don't change my filter media but 1-2 times a year and only if it is falling apart-I don't use or need carbon/charcoal in any of my tank, I don't even buy filter media anymore for that matter-I make my own with poly-fill I get form the craft dept.

I like to keep things as low cost as I can since I have so many tanks and why buy something when you can make it yourself or use something when a water change can do the same thing...its more of a personal choice too......
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The instructions on the cartridge to change the filter pad every month is just the company's way of making more money. All the filter needs is a gentle rinse in old tank water when it starts looking really clogged--OFL is right, there's no need to replace it unless it's actually falling apart.

I use carbon in my filters, many cartridges come with some carbon, but usually it becomes ineffective after about a month. Hence the instruction to change it. However, I just cut a little slit in the cartridge and pour out the old carbon, then I replace it with new higher quality carbon. Seachem Matrix Carbon lasts a lot longer than the generic stuff, so if you're planning on using some carbon, I recommend that brand.
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