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Ew, if it's not safe to drink it's not safe for your little buddy. Definitely get a buffering product such as Seachem's Equilibrium or Kent's R/O Right.
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I live in Canada and so no congressman. There is some sort of something in the well water that makes it bad. yes slightly corrosive. there is some sort of gas in it that when the filter in the r/o unit needs to be changed-it makes it's way through and smells like rotten eggs. the first time after we got the r/o unit and it happened, we kept drinking it and I was getting kind of sick from it. what ever it is, I do know that letting the water sit on the counter helps the gas evaporate and then it is ok to drink but it can be a pain. I don't understand it all but I just know the words that were used to describe it. before getting the r/o unit, we would get bottled water to drink for years but it isn't cheap. it's fine to bath in and wash clothes in and all that though. Anyways I have Finley in clean water and he is improving. now to clean out the tank still. is there a safe way to clean stuff that was in the tank? like gravel and stuff in case there is somehting in the water? I am guessing bleach water is not a good thing to clean it with because there would be residue left on the stuff right? or is it? I am so new at this and it is confusing. thanks for the help!
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NO NO NO bleach or soap. The safest way is to scrub all the things in the tank and then put them in boiled water. It's great that he is improving!
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You CAN use bleach but you need to do 20 parts water and 1 part bleach, if I'm correct. Someone please correct me if I'm not. Also, you have to rinse REALLY, REALLY well. Rinse the daylights out of it. Vinegar and water is also good to clean a tank.
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Fire Cush
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That is happening to my fish too his fins are clumped together can anyone help ????????????????
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ok now my fish has little bubbles stuck on him like little air bubbles you know? I feel like it is my fault and I don't know what I did wrong. I got him at petsmart and they said Bettas are so easy and a beginner fish but I guess I didn't read enough and I really screwed up somewhere. I feel so bad for him. on the plus side his fins stopped sticking together when I moved him to new fresh water. I did read as much as I could about Bettas but I really think I missed major information. At first he was so happy and making bubble nests like crazy and then he slowly stopped doing that. now he seems unhappy and not so good and I feel so bad.
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