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Old 09-15-2010, 05:15 PM   #1 
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Parents Moving My Fish .___.

My parents are going to end up moving my fish across town for me while I am out of town, as we have a deadline to be out of the house by which happens to fall on me being out of town.

And I'm afraid they will kill them lol. I'm not exactly sure how to instruct them to do it. It is a 10 gallon planted with sand substrate.....

I'm thinking of getting a 5 gallon bucket tonight and instructing them to put the fish, 3-4 gallons of water, plants, and most of the sand in there the day they move, and keeping the filter wet of course. And then just leaving the bucket in my temporary room for a day or two before I get back. (To save them the hassle of setting up the tank...).

Could they keep the fish in the 5 gallon bucket for 2-3 days? With the filter running and the light over it?....

I leave tomorrow, and come back next thursday, while my parents must be moved by Tuesday....
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When I move my 5 gallon planted with gravel back home in December for a month I plan on doing this:

Lower the water level in the tank to where the plants are barely covered. Put the filter media in a tupperware bowl with tank water. Put the fish in... individual containers... Okay I'm lost here. You'll need containers to put the fish in. Like simple Glad tupperware bowls with lids that you can poke holes through. That many fish cannot live harmoniously in a 5g bucket.

Edit: And the rest of the description!

Keep the fish in a cooler filled with towels to keep them from sloshing around in their bowls.

Get to the new place, set the tank down where it's gonna be set up, fill it up the rest of the way, turn the filter and heater back on with the media. After letting it run for 24 hours and floating the fish it should be fine to put them back in there.
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There's no way my parents could pull that off D: maybe the new owners of the house will let us keep the tank there for 48 hours >.< I doubt they will be moving in RIGHT away after we get out.
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