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How do you Water Change properly?

okay, okay, I promise this will be my last post for a while! lol

I'm not sure if I'm doing water changes correctly in the sense of matching the temperature of the holding tank to the newly changed tank.

Right now my tank is at 80 degrees. The holding tank is at 85!

I put the smallest Hydor Mini in the holding tank to stabilize his water while in the mean time trying to raise the actual tank to at least 80 with the larger Hydor Mini.

I have a 2.5 gallon critter tote for the tank and a Liter and 1/4th holding tank.

erg. I'm so new at this...
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1. Scoop fish in cup. Leave him in cup with lid on.
2. Quickly put new water in tank. Put heater back in tank. Float fish's cup in the tank adding a little bit of new tank water every 15 minutes for about an hour (This is what I do personally)
3. Temperature in new water should be stable, floating cup in the tank water makes it stable, pour fish in tank. By this point the fish's water should be like 90% new water.

This is how I do it. :)

However, I did not ask how big your tank is. If your tank is big and filtered and cycled, you shouldn't be doing 100% changes.
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You should just pour the old tank water into the holding tank so that you don't have to worry about him acclimating to the holding tank when you're just going to change the water in the big one. You can put him in a cup while you're transferring water over and then back into the cup for acclimating in the big tank.

The two steps that I'd add to Ajones' list would be to rinse everything in the tank with hot water once you've emptied the old water. You can do this a couple of ways--either pour the gravel into a strainer and rinse it out that way, or let the tank fill with hot water and then stir the gravel around while the tank is overflowing. Any debris and ammonia residue should leave the tank with the overflow. And of course, you should remember to add dechlorinator to the new water.

When you fill your tank back up, use your hand to approximate the temperature. I dip my hand into the old water and then quickly into the flow from the tap several times until it feels right. Then after the water is poured, use a thermometer to help you make small adjustments (ie adding more hot or cold water). This helps save time.
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