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A new tank, need help, come fast!

Heyy everyone! i finally saved up enough money to get a 20 gallon tank, i have a betta fish in a 2.5 gallon and im upgrading, his name is Varro btw :D

I just wanted to know what other kinds of fish can be in the same tank as Betta's. I don't want him to be lonely and i want alot of new fish, any ideas? if possible i want some colourful ones, start naming!!!

Thanks guysz!
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some rules:1. Don't place bettas with other brightly colored fish or fish with large flashy fins like guppies or mollies. They occasionally react to them as though they are another betta and sometimes show aggression toward those fish.2. Don't place bettas with other Anabantidae fish such as Gouramis. Anabantidaes are fish that possess a labyrinth organ allowing them to breathe air from the water's surface when dissolved oxygen levels are low. Because they are close cousins, bettas generally will be aggressive to these fish as well.3. Don't place bettas with other aggressive fish or fin nippy fish. Nipped betta fins can become infected or generally stress out your betta leaving him open to other ailments.4 Bettas are tropical freshwater fish and shouldn't be mixed with cool water fish like, goldfish.5. As I said, some bettas will attack anything you put in the water with it. The only way to know is to try. Some fish that usually work well with bettas are, small catfish like Otocinclus and Corydoras, Snails, ghost shrimp, and Neon Tetras.good tank mates:Pakistani Loaches Ghost Shrimp Zebra Snails African Dwarf Frogs Bristlenose Pleckos Neon Tetras if your betta is aggressive some of these might not be a good idea
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Thanks! my betta isnt too agressive actually, he responds well to my fingers and other people, he does flare however, this is because once a month i put in a small mirror for about twomminutes, to exercise his fins
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Betta fish dont get "lonely" they are not social animals. HOWEVER in a 20 gal you would want tankmates lol.

A few suggestions:
-Neon tetras
-Black neon Tetras
-Cory catfish
-Harlequin Rasboras
-Danios (Sometimes)
-Cherry Barbs
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