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Since it's been so long since I've had a Betta, is it normal for them to be "lazy" sort of when they are first put into their new home? Most of my other fish when I put them in their tank were pretty active shortly after finding their own space.

Simon just kinda hangs out at the top of the tank. I don't know if this means there is something wrong with him, or he's just not feeling his new home yet. He's been eating very well.

Should I be concerned?? I'm keeping a close eye on him.

Also, for the future what are good tank mates for a male crown tail betta? I have enough common sense to know what fish to steer clear of, but just out of curiosity.

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I have 3 Julii cories in with my betta in his 10 gal. I just put them in yesterday but so far they have been getting along just fine. Its too soon to tell whether they will live happily. He freaked and flared for a bit when they were acclimating and then he followed them around for a while after I released them in but he seems to have lost interest in them now. He pretty much ignores them now. And cories are great little cleaners! There was some white fuzz on my driftwood and a little on my gravel (its normal when you introduce new wood in the tank) and it was all gone a few hours after I put in the cories :o

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