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Cool Food Help/Plant Log questions

Well, I've got about three or four questions.
The first:
I have frozen bloodworms I feed my betta (and shrimp, but that comes into play on a later question). I've been seeing people that have been training their betta (or encouraging) to jump out of the water for food being held by their fingers. Is it ok to handle frozen bloodworms like that? I looked online and it said there could be allergic reactions like a bug bite, but I think they were talking about live ones. I used my squeezie thing (the name of it eludes me at the moment) and managed to get it on a string of fishing line I put across the tank, and got Little Guy to jump up and grab it. However, the problem was that the worm got stuck on the string and he had to try a second time to get it off (he probably didn't enjoy that) Also, if anyone has been doing that with their betta and using pellets, how exactly did you hold it so that the betta could get it?

Question 2:
I have two live plants an a chunk of wood (from a petsore) in the tank. I noriced yesterday that they have a sort of clear stringy looking film covering them. Is that normal? Is that safe for the fish? And would the shrimp consider it a food source?

Question 3:
How should I go about feeding my shrimp? After I gave my Betta 3 worms (two small) I put some for the shrimps near their spots (I have a funny picture regarding that too). Well, my Betta decided to take one away from thes hrimps, because he's fat, but I don't want him to get sick because of that. Which is why I'm asking how I should feed the shrimp :P

A couple seconds later Little Guy swam up and stole the bloodworm =_= bringing his count to 4. Such a fatty.

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One more question, how many bloodworms should I feed him in a day, and also how many pellets a day (for when I think he wants a change in food or when I don't feel like thawing bloodworms :P)? Just so I know, in case he gives me the sad sorry look, that says "I'd like another bloodworm please" in a british accent.

I'm bombarding with questions, but one more. I have one glass shrimp that has red on its antennae, along with the red dots on the tails I see in the a couple others (though not as pronounced). Is that a gender difference by chance?

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I can't be much help with the plants...(still new to them myself ;P) or the shrimp, sadly. I know there are lots of others here who can offer better advice on those two things though ;)

BUT, about the want to feed pellets as a staple with frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp/all that jazz as a treat only once or twice a week. Its not really heathy for them to have bloodworms and such every single day....its kind of like you eating a huge stake every night for dinner. Its good for you on occasion, but not something you should be eating every day.
If you want more variety in the day-today diet, try different brands of pellets, even those special betta flakes if you feel bold enough. ;)

For training, I get a little water and stick the pellet to my finger, or sometimes wedge it under my fingernail a bit if that doesn't work ;)

Oh, and yes, some people do have allergies to bloodworms....though I handle both frozen and live regularly with just my bare hands and I've never had an any issues. It all depends on you ;)
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White fuzz on new driftwood is normal. The wood has to undergo it's own "cycle". My cories actually ate it all the day I introduced them.

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If the driftwood is new the white fuzz is normal, safe for your fish, and will go away with time. My Red Cherry Shrimp loved it, but depending on what type of shrimp you have they may or may not eat it.

In terms of feeding your shrimp I would pick up a sinking fish or shrimp food (your Betta will be less likely to go after this as opposed to blood worms) and feed them late at night after lights out while your betta is "asleep". Shrimp stay active through out the night (mine are actually way more active during the night since the major predatory threat is "asleep") and will have no problem with being fed during this time.
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