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I think Victor has Ick! :(

My first thread:

I wasn't sure how to move or edit my old thread, so I just added the link.

Victor now has little white speckles on him that look like salt, so I'm suspecting Ich or Ick or whatever it's called... What do I need to do to treat him? Help!
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Can you post a pic of him?

With mild cases of Ich I like to do the two cup method-I move the fish daily to a new clean dechlorinated container of water for at least 3 days past the last day I seen the parasite on their body

If he came in a cup you can use this and float it in his tank to keep the water temp stable.

With the 100% water changes every 3 days I am surprised that he has Ich. It is important to clean the gravel/substrate really good to manually remove the parasite from his tank.
The Ich will die without a host (Betta), however, they can also go dormiant in the tank until the fish immune response fails or a sudden temp swing- usually going from cool to warm.

You can't kill the parasite while it is on the fish without killing the fish, a slow increase in water temp (84-86F) can encourage the parasite to fall off and then the parasite needs to be manually remove by vacuuming
Aquarium salt 1tsp/gal can also help kill Ich if it is not a salt resistant strain, also the aquarium salt can be helpful in prevention of a secondary infection from the wounds left by the Ich when they fall off.
Really important to keep water quality tip-top....but by your other post it looks like you provide really good care for your Betta.

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I can't really take a picture because my webcam isn't very clear and my camera isn't working... He just has little specks of white on his face and body that looks like dust or salt.

My temperature in my tank has been swinging a bit wildly because I just now figured out how to work my tank thermometer, it doesn't have degree settings and it only has an on/off setting and a high/low setting. Could this have caused the ich??

I have the water at about 86 degrees now, and I've added aquarium salt and Quick Cure from Walmart. The Quick Cure has formalin and malachite green in it... will this work??

Oh, and thanks for the advice Oldfishlady!
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It does sound like ich but you should not use meds AND the heat salt method together. One or the other. And if you decide on the meds., change 25% of the water each day before adding the treatment.

If you have any carbon in your filter medium, remove it while treating with meds.

Ich is pretty common and if treated properly, you won't lose your fish. It does take some time to go away. I'm on day 7 of treating for the same thing. Treat the fish for a full three days after you see the last spots.

Good luck.
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