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Exclamation Bloating problems, very scared!!


Ok, I got my red male veil-tail betta Solo this August, and he's been very happy in his 2-gallon tank on my dresser. I feed him 3, rarely 4 pellets 2x a day w/ the occasional freeze-dried bloodworm, do 25% water changes 2x a week, and a complete tank cleaning weekly. (When I first got him, my cousin called me obsessive. ) Yesterday I noticed he was kind of bloated, but I didn't think much of of it. But today he's a good amount more bloated, and he's having a hard time swimming. It's like he's sinking, only up. The most he can do is swim just below the surface and if he isn't jammed in the corner he'll end up sideways. It's really hot out, and his water was about 80'f, so i moved him to the basement which will bring the temp. down a couple degrees.

I haven't given him any peas yet, b/c i want to see if just fasting him will get rid of it. I'm going to try it later if it doesn't. I really hope I don't lose my Solo-I love him very much. Please give your advice. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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Sorry you are having problems.....

Is your tank filtered or do you have any live plants, what kind of additives are you using?

Right now-I would start by holding all food for 3 days and start making 100% daily water changes with like temp dechlorinated water and see if he won't perk up for you.

If not-I would do Epsom salt 1tsp/gal along with 100% water changes for 3-4 days-
this is best done in a smaller QT container-I like to pre-mix the Epsom salt (not aquarium salt) in a clean 1g jug (I use old milk jugs) this will make water changes and dosage easier-I keep both the jug and QT fish in the same location so that the water is close in temp-
I like to treat in water temp of 76-77F area or room temp for me to avoid any sudden temp swings and increase in bad bacteria that can attack an already immune compromised fish.
You could also try the green pea and see if that will help.

Love to see pic of your Betta and set-up.....
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