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Fishing for Fish Stores ...

So I spent about 5 hours going to the different stores in the area that sell fish and fish supplies to see if I could find one that I would be comfortable giving my money to. One store that "specializes" in fish and aquariums told me to feed Sam 2 pellets once a week - that the fact I had to change the water in a small tank more than once a couple weeks was proof I was feeding him too much. Then the girl says, you know some people's betta only live a few months. REALLY?? It couldn't be because you told them to keep it in small spaces, dirty water, and starve it to death????? Another store had bettas in little plastic separators in bigger tanks with other fish - and the bettas had those white cottony patches on them. Finally found a store that knew about bettas, suggested the Tetra 3 and 5 gallon aquariums as good starter homes for a betta, had their bettas in smaller containers but with clean water, and seemed to be relatively well informed in general. Good use of half a day I think. I just don't want to give my money to the scuzzy places.
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Even stores that are very knowledgeable about more typical salt and freshwater fishes and their care tend to not know all that much about proper Betta care. IT of course depends on who you talk to at any given store as well. There is just so many myths out there that are treated like common knowledge. Glad you found somewhere that knows what they are doing.
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Good job on finding a decent store! I've never come across one like that before. Though this one girl at Petco suggested a 2.5 gallon for my betta once. That was shocking.
My favorite store that I buy everything at has several bettas in the little .4 gallon tanks on their returns/front sales desk. =/ However the other day I did see one in the new 5 gallon fluval edge and was very happy about it. They're very knowledgeable on fish disease and what medications to use and have a great fish medication section. :)
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I went into my Petsmart the other day and talked to a girl in the aquatics department. She's new, I think because I've never seen her before. Every friday morning when I go in there, the bettas' water is being changed. She told me she changes the water every other day and feeds them when she does the water changes. Since she has started doing this, they have only had 2 dead bettas in one month. She seems to care very much for the fish in her care and she's very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed talking to her.
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