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Meet Ralph

Despite what I told my mom she ended up getting me cories they are young but they teamed up to put levi in his place so they seem to all be doing fine. Either way while I fell asleep earlier today my mom decided to go to petsmart and get the things I forgot to pick up. Needless to say she came home with a betta fish herself. I think he is a veil tail not too sure. Anyway here are pics of the fish she calls Ralph. A picture of the 3 cories, the new tank, and a new picture of levi. He has calmed down quite a bit since I put him in the new tank. Just as friendly as can be and if he is fat blame mom. She SPOILS him. She won't let me fast him even though he is kinda fat to me. I originally was going to use my 2 gallon tank for her fish but turns out there is a dent in it that has a cut in the tank. Can't risk using that so he is in levi's old 1 gallon tank with new gravel. After i get done cleaning out the soil from the peace lily it is going to go on top of the tank to give him some cover until I can figure out something for his living conditions. Hope he can hang in there. Anyway to the pictures that you all love so much.
The cories there is 3 of them in there you have to look close near the plant in the back to make out the 3rd one.


Levi's tank with new live plants (mom), 2 snails, and 3 cories

The horrible pictures of Ralph. I will get better pictures another time when he is out of his blue water.

v.v i tried to use the flash but it didn't really show his colors very well. I will get him into better light and be able to show him.

My mom basically said that you were doing so well with Levi teach me how to do a betta fish because all i know is Goldfish. One of these days i should get her one of those huge tanks that have a stand of its own and let her fill it up with goldfish. She has always wanted that.

The new pictures!!! something alittle better since i moved my other desk lamp over there. He is prettier than i thought he would be.

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They are both cute!

I think you should get a little more live plants for the male to hide:)
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Ralph is going to have the peace lily's roots after I finish getting the soil off of the roots and i will get more plants for levi when i am actually feeling better. I gave mom a list of plants before i fell asleep that day don't know why she had asked me and when i woke up to see what was done to my tank eh I was like i appreciate it but why didn't you wake me up when you got home with it? Seeing as the tank is in my room and stuff like that. Being sick kinda made me sleep like a rock. The cories were still in the bag and levi would go over flaring at them and one time when he came over and flared all three of them came over like WHAT IS THAT?! and levi hide in his betta log for a couple of minutes. In different lights the gravel looks pink but it was lavender. Oh well it can go with his pink tail. Though Ralph seems to be very weary of the cat that is sitting and watching intensively at him since i have his tank uncovered. I think he is either deep deep blue on his body and pink on his tails with blue edging. The top fin has blue spots on the pink. Mom said that she was stuck between this one and the seethrough pink one.
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Kitty Whiskers
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Very nice :) He kinda looks like a cross between my Fishes Greg and Eli.
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I had to move him so he was away from the cat. The cat was really freaking him out. He has calmed down now that he is out of the cat's reach. And I saw your fish kitty whiskers they are really cute. Man looking at Ralph's tank really makes me wish he wasn't so big. He is bigger than levi but there is no way I can switch levi out for ralph because my mom is like do what you can with what you have for now with him. I don't know if i can fit another tank up on my desk right now. Bleh!
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