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Old 09-26-2010, 08:46 PM   #1 
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Unhappy Poor fishies.

My boyfriends Dad has a 20 gallon community tank downstairs.
He takes horrible care of the fish. I just found out the last time he changed the water was two months ago, and he fills it up with tap water he has "aged" rather than putting dechlorinator in it. He only puts more water in when it has evaporated. There's just 4 female guppies, 2 swordtails and, a lone black molly. He has a large mass of water sprite and some Giant Temple and a long strand of hornwort I tossed in there. I give him all my rejected plants that need better lighting as his tank has awesome lights.

Needles to say I took matters into my own hands. I scrubbed the algae off and did a 30% water change on it and used some stress coat rather than my prime. I figured it might help everyone out a little bit to help recover from whatever ammonia poisoning they might have suffered. No wonder one of the guppies 'randomly' died.
It was instant gratification too. The water was clearer and everyone was much more active right away. :D

Now the lone Black Molly has white spots all over her. He treated the tank with some Tetracycline once, it went away for a few days and then reapeared. None of the other fish have it. They're white kinda "fuzzy-ish" spots all over her. She's had it for months now and I am surprised she has not died. I'm going to see with some good clean water if it clears up on its own first, but I find it odd that no other fish has it. O.o

I think I shall keep an eye on them from now on and see that they get proper care. :)

Anyone else have a family member who neglected their fish?
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That's so sad :c I'm glad you stepped in and started helping out.
My little sister had a betta when she was 6, and of course never cared for him so I kind of stole him and took care of him. Of course now that i know more, it still wasn't awesome care but it was better than what she had him in.
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Yeah, I had fish when I was younger that were kept in horrid conditions. =/ I feel bad, but at least I know better now. :D

I'm excited to see how everyone is acting tomorrow morning. I'm sure they'll be much more active! Also then everything I stirred up won't be floating around so I'll take some pictures.

We have no male guppy, but the female keep getting pregnant. O.o They have huge bellies. The fry get eaten though. >.>
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