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Smile Do you think my fish likes Tea?

A link to my little betta Flame. I put a tea bag in his tank and I think he likes it. What do the expert thinks? I am trying to naturally lower the ph in the tank as it seems to always climb pretty high. I can't find any peat, spagnum moss or drift wood and was hoping this could be the alternative. He did seem stressed before I added the tea. I really think this is helping. So far the biggest Con is that when I test the ph. I am not sure if the tanned water is going to throw off the color in the test. I use api liquid. How would one test a black water tank accurately. I have a hard enough time trying to decipher the shade of color when the water is clear.
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I really don't think you should be putting tea in there unless it's "tea" made from boiled oak or Indian Almond Leaves.

Regular tea has caffeine, pesticides, and multiple fertilizers in it. Most modern pesticides and fertilizers are made using petrol (Oil, like crude oil, except of course it was refined and chemically altered for its purpose) as a main or key ingredient (trust me I'm an environmental studies major. :]).

Basically it's cool for you (just barely) but not your buddy that's about one 40th your size and doesn't have the room or the power to process all those complex chemicals and toxins that are meant for things about half his size.

I'd take the tea bag out and do a 25% or 50% water change asap.

If you live near the woods or a nature trail I advise looking for an oak tree and writing that down so you can collect leaves from it next fall. =]

For now though if you want to use a tea I'd order some Indian Almond leaves off of e-bay or something then rinse them, break them into little pieces, then boiling them in a medium pot of water. This will make a concentrated "Tea" that is safe to use for your betta. =]

I'd also try e-bay or aquabid for peat moss and drift wood. Make sure it's unfertilized peat moss though. =].

As for the video:

Your boy is SO CUTE!!! <3 I LOVE the decor in your tank too! :3
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Old 12-19-2010, 12:02 AM   #3 
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The OP posted on another thread it's decaf which is fine :)
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Oak you say...

I have several of those... which... oddly enough still have leaves (Cuz I swear the plants in my yard are messed up). Ones a Red Oak... the Red Oak has a few Green leaves left I could snag, or should I go for the older Generic Oak.
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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Thank you Wally for such great advice and info. I panicked when I read your post and immediately took the tea bag out. I didn't however do the pwc. Against better judgement, I just had to see how he would respond so I kept a close eye. I went to bed terrified that I would find a sick stressed fish but to my surprise he made another bubble nest. I will definately look into Indian Almond Leaf.

I do have some questions about IAL. Do you use it all the time? Is building a bubble nest truly a indicator of being happy? The reason I ask is cuz I have a small worm farm and have noticed that their breeding habits are most active when they sense their own demise might be close. Survival of the species I guess. lol

Oh back to the reason why I used the tea in the first place. How can a naturally lower ph. Will IAL do this for me? How do I test black water and get accurate results?

Sorry for asking so many questions.
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