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Exclamation Advice!!

So I got a betta last tuesday, and my mom bought me one of those rinky dinky walmart tanks with no heater or anything useful... clancey doesn't seem to like this tank and while my old betta snoopy had no issues, this water seems too cold for him. so I plan on finding the few extra bucks to get him a new tank tonight, and I want to get the filter and heater for it, but my questions are as follows.

if i get the new tank, how long does the filter have to run before i can put clancey in it.


as far as i am aware, clancey is still not eating, should i try a different food. .. i love this little guy already and i do not want him to die because he won't eat what i have.

any assistance will be wonderful, also what are the price ranges for live plants... or what could i substitute, because i've been reading that plastic is bad... so what else could i use if i don't want to use live?
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Live plants aren't too expensive, depending on what you get. Both Petco and Petsmart carry the "aquatic plants" in tubes for roughly $4 for the small size -- but be careful, because not all of those are truly underwater plants. You can get java ferns that way, though.

Petco also has a pretty good selection of real aquatic plants in a tank (or spread out among some of their freshwater tanks). They run about $4 too, if I recall correctly, and you can get crypts, anubias, java ferns, swords, and a bunch of other stuff. There are usually 2-3 plants in each little pot. Through October 2nd they're Buy 2, Get 1 Free, which is awesome. You can also get anubias and/or moss attached to lava rocks already for about $8. Or java moss on a hollowed-out coconut cave for $8-$10, I believe. There are also moss balls, and plants attached to wooden rings that look pretty cool but might be too tall for your tank depending on how big it is.

The Petsmart near me doesn't have as big of a selection of live, but they do carry aquatic wood with moss/anubias attached for $10.99, lava rocks with anubias for the same price, and marimo moss balls for... I think it was $8.

If you'd rather not go with live, you can buy silk plants instead. Both Petco and Petsmart carry packs of various silk plants, but I can't recall offhand how much they run.
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I love the anubias nana I got from PetSmart, packaged in the TopFin cylinders near the fish area. I also love my water wisteria that I got from the growing tanks. :)

You can look for a marked-down heater at PetSmart, sometimes they mark them down pretty low to get them sold. For a 2.5 gallon a 25W heater will do, I use Hydor Theo. If you go to wal-mart and get the five gallon kit that includes a filter, hood, and light, it's $30, and I am using a 50W Hydor Theo in mine. You can get the Hydors at PetSmart.

If you get a 2.5 gallon tank you'll run about $14 for the tank and have to do one 50% and one 100% WC once a week. If you get the 5 gallon you'll only have to do 1 partial water change of about 25-30% once a week and can really plant it out.
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