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Neons & Bettas

I probably already know the answer, but I figured I'd get some opinions anyway.

So I had to get rid of Dexter, which makes me very sad. I gave him to an awesome friend of mine who loves him and I know will take great care of him.

So I moved my 9 neons into my 10 gallon to keep it as a qtank and to keep it cycled.

Simon my male CT used to be in with 3 pygmy cories, who I also moved out and into my 40 gallon (they love it, btw)

I was wondering if it would be ok to move Simon back into the 10 with the neons?

I know people on here have said bottom dwellers are the way to go, but like I said, I figured I'd ask anyway. I just don't like him being in the small 3 gallon he's in right now. But I also don't think it's a good idea to put in back in the 10 if I plan on using it as a Qtank either. Lol.

I don't know why I'm even asking! Hahaha.

Has anyone ever put a betta in with neons?? Did it work out, or no??

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People usually run into problems with neons when they don't keep a proper school in their tank. If you watch them interact with each other, you'll notice that they can play pretty rough with one another. When they're in small groups under six individuals, they feel insecure and are likely to turn this aggression on the betta, who swims so slowly that he can't escape them. In a big group of nine individuals, your betta should be ok. Just watch them closely to make sure they aren't nipping at him at all and make sure the betta has plenty of places at all levels of the aquarium to hide if he's feeling overwhelmed by them.

Keep in mind that the stocking level for this tank is on the high side--not overstocked, but make sure you keep up with those weekly partial changes. :)
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I have my betta with 6 neons, no problem ^^ They only fin-nip my betta if i dont get the food in their mouths fast enough when i open the lid. They live happily in a 14 gallon :)
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I think it really depends on how aggressive your betta is. I have put our store bettas in with neons and they have done fine. As long as you have enough hiding spots and dont overcrowd your tank then it should be ok. Just monitor them for the first little while when you put them together.
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Ok guys. Thanks for the advice. I put him back in the 10 today and he doesn't even seem to notice the tetras, and all the tetras are hanging out in a 3" piece of pvc i put in the tank with them. Simon has no clue they're even in there I think. Lol. He's pretty cool about other fish. That's why I love him. I'll make sure to keep an on them and see how they're doing tomorrow.
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You're very lucky you have a nice betta fish....when I tried keeping my betta fish Cyan with 6 neons in a 40g....that did NOT work out. My betta ended up killing half of them....I guess he just didn't like the company. I saw him chasing them around at first, but I figured he'd never catch them since neons are pretty fast. A couple days later I find three neons dead, one with a hole in its body and no insides. Yuck! I was feeding my betta plenty, though, so hunger couldn't have been the cause. Cyan got along well with my African Dwarf frogs perfectly well, though...(don't worry, I took Cyan out of the tank after he killed the neons)
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