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Originally Posted by carpenter547 View Post
ok not being negative or arrogant or looking down but ..

first off welcome all of us here love our bettas. secondly i am not a grammar minder or a spelling freak but as i read and reread your post you refered to your betta being a him and adding another lone male.

this should go with out saying but as it stands right now there is no way to keep more than one male betta in a tank. i am sure it was just typo's but if not there it is.

secondly if you are going to do a sorority *all females* you need to really read up on how to do it and keep in mind that as stated above they are capable of fighting just the same as the boys are.

very very well wishing and offerning to help in any way possible *as long as it doesn't involve money or girl firends :)* to you may your first time be as wonderful as it can be.
Ya that was an error, I have Leonardo already in a 5.5g tank... If I were to get another, he'd be in the 30g that I'm getting... Forgot to mention that :P & thanks
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Thanks everyone for the feedback! Much appreciated... & I'm really liking the community tank idea (with the betta as a centerpiece) :) I think that's what I'm going to do

Originally Posted by wallywestisthebest333 View Post
I like the male as the centerpiece community idea! Especially with a 30 gallon! Is it long or tall? Cory cats are a great community fish! =]

Or you could divide your tank in half and have just 2 male bettas and some snails and shrimp. =] That'd be nice too! =]

Do what makes you happy though! =] I can't wait to see what you do with your tank! =]
The 30g is long

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ok just wanted to get info straight :) typos bite huh :)

any way again welcome and enjoy seek help ask questions and do your best.
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