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My Fishy is Sick

My female betta has some strange white-yellow spots appearing on her. There are 4 of them, 2 on each side, and they seem to be on the same spot on each side of my fish. My fish has also gone through an injury where her scales got removed near the base of her caudal fin, this happened a while ago but it looks like it's getting worse. Around the injury, there is the same coloration forming around it.

My fish is eating normally, before i fed her 4 pellets, now i feed her 2 pellets of Wardley betta food everyday because she was getting bloaty. She is always staying near the surface of the bowl, sometimes leaning against the bowl and acts like she's dead. She keeps twitching the caudal fin a lot, sometimes she swims really fast and bounces off the walls, and when she swims she looks sorta spazzy. She doesn't open any of her fins.

I did a water change yesterday, using Jungle Start Right with Aloe Vera. I also added new plants, that i washed with warm water before adding and new gravel about 3 weeks to a month ago. I usually do 2 50 % waterchanges and gravel cleaning every week. I also take out poop with my fish net, because poopy water isn't good.

She is in a 1 gallon tank, no filter, no heater. :(

I was hoping someone could tell me what's wrong and how to cure this possible disease. I would also like to know the best conditions for an injured fish because I'm looking to purchase a bigger tank with heater and filter.
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I don't know what's up, but I'll post to bump your thread up :) Hopefully someone will see it and be able to help.
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Lenalee Nilla
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It could be cold tank water, you knwo the weather is starting to cool off. How old is she? Pics?
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