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Old 10-03-2010, 03:39 PM   #1 
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Red face Why I can't leave the fish, my husband and the kids alone together...

Heaven forbid I try to take a shower! Our new tank for the fish we adopted from a friend hasn't cycled yet, so they are still in the sad little divided container my friend brought them over in. Well, someone wasn't watching the 3 year old close enough, even though they were all in the same room... Next thing everyone knows, she's dumped the half full container of the color enhancing flakes and the brand new container of pellets into the container.

So, I got to rush around to pull out as much of the food I could (pellets are drying out on paper towels right now), get water prepped and temporary containers for them. So they are waiting in their temporary containers for a bit while I make sure that the stones and everything have cooled down from the hot water wash so I don't shock them anymore than they have been.

Poor babies :( I've also removed the dark blue secondary divider so the clear one is only left, to help prep them for moving into the tank that will have a clear divider that they will be able to see each other through.
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Old 10-03-2010, 05:56 PM   #2 
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Well, I just moved them back into their container and watched them for a bit. Icee seems to be doing much better than even before the food incident. He was flashing his fins and tails about and had them puffed out instead of pulled in like they had been before. Goldfish seems to be doing well, also. I'll keep watching them over the day. I'm just so worried about them! I guess that's the momma in me!
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Old 10-03-2010, 07:02 PM   #3 
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glad Icee's doing well now lol
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Well, the boys have noticed each other on the other side of the container. They've been puffing up and sticking out their gills. It's ok boys! You'll have bigger space soon!
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Old 10-03-2010, 09:16 PM   #5 
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you'll want to put the blue divider back soon. Being so close to eachother, but unable to "escape" from sight will stress them out too much. In a bigger tank, at least they have the ability to hide behind something and the room to swim away. In those dreadful little things, they aren't able to. :P

If you wanted to, you could get clear tubberwares for each fish as temporary homes and stick them side by side so they could see each other. I'm guessing you probably have at least two tubberwares or sterlite bins that are bigger than the little "tank" they are sharing. If the tubberwares are big enough to fit a small tea cup or something in you could do that to give your bettas little "caves" :)

Lol, I'm glad to hear they're okay. I had to teach my little siblings that feeding the fish is a no no unless I'm there... (locking the fish food away in high places like cabinates does wonders for keeping little hands away :D )
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!!!LOL im glad to hear the fishies are O.K! Thats how my biffle killed all her pet fisdh when she was little. >.>
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