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Everyone has pretty much answered everything.

Once you've done your giant water change, go ahead and add two to three fish right away, and add from there every week to two weeks until you have what you want in there. Once all the other tankmates have been added, then add your betta last of all to minimze agression. Just be careful, some bettas are naturally more agressive than others, so you'll want to keep an eye on them the first week or so to make sure he isn't hurting anyone or vise versa.
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well i have gotten the tank clean, and i got a Whisper 10i internal filter (that makes ZERO noise and almost no current XD) and i did go ahead and start the filter. i really haven't decided exactly what i want to do with the tank yet, so i'm just gonna see if i can get the cycle done.

i really don't get the whole thing with substrate and what your supposed to do with it, if you have tips that would help.

also, i'm no too concerned about moving him out of the 1.5 because apparently it's gone thru a mini cycle or something. the ammonia level hasn't raised above .5ppm all week, and 0nitrites, tiiiiny amount of nitrates, so i'm not doing constant wcing anymore, so i can be patient with the whole cycle thing (super happy about this) but it's strange, cause i don't even have any live plants, just, currently, heater, plastic plant, gravel & little shark deco thing, so i don't kno where the bac is.

also (sorry, super long) i've been reading where it's better to put the cories in first, so that i don't put Sam in there and have him get territorial when i add in the new fish, is this tru, and can i put him in first?

Edit: just saw JKfish's comment, guess that answers the last thing. and i'm really not worried about aggression, my dude's a chill little hippie, but i'll watch just in case :) if i'm adding cories, can i go ahead and add all 3 at once? (also, i tried the fish stocking calculator and it said albino cories couldn't go with bettas, is that tru?)

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