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Hey, cool tank. How are you going to do water changes with your 5 gallon? I only ask cause I had a 5 gallon acrylic tank at college and when I did water changes, I carried the tank with the water and did full water changes. Eventually the stress of doing that cracked my tank. >_< It also made a stinky water mess. I guess you could removed the tank and agitate the water to stir up the poop and remove the water with a cup. But you may want to eventually invest in a gravel vacuum and a bucket. Especially if you plan on doing sand in the tank instead of your gems. Just wanted to help you avoid a possible disaster. ;)

Also, if you are considering new plants I suggest some moss ball, java fern, java moss, or anubis plants. The light in your tank should be sufficient enough for those plants. Just remember that if you do get them, don't bury them in the substrate. You can tie them to a rock til they eventually grab hold with their roots. Of course driftwood would also look really nice in your tank. is a good site to check out.

Hope my suggestions help! Good luck with your fish and school.

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I have a gravel vacuum for water changes. :) Just going to siphon off into a bucket and dump into the sink in my room.

Driftwood would be awesome (for decoration and also for tying plants to)! I think I'm going to tie some java fern to the bridge as well. Someone also suggested strapping them into little terracotta pots. Sounds like a cute decoration. I also want to get maybe some natural river rock to mix with the pebbles. After looking at some pictures of planted tanks, the natural look is so beautiful.

Thank you guys!

I discovered on Sunday night that Mr. Fish likes to stick himself to the filter intake (for fun - he can free himself). All of my pets are always weird! I covered it with foam because while he may like it, I sure don't! I think I almost had a heart attack!
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