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betta and tropical fish

if i bought a betta fish, could i put it in a tropical aquarium with tropical fish? and which tropical fish should i stay away from if i am aloud to put a betta in a tropical aquarium with tropical fish?
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Yes you can put in a tank with tropical fish, as long as the water is between 75 and 80 degrees.

What size is your tank? Are there any other bright colored flashy fish? Are there fish that will pick on other fish?

If there are other brightly colored fish, then I would not recommend putting a betta into the tank with the other fish because bettas are known to attack other fish that could resemble a betta in any way.

If there are fish that nip at other fish and pick on them, do not put the betta in the tank either. A betta's fins are very delicate, and should not be picked on.

Other than that I would not recomment putting a betta with other fish in a tank smaller than 10 gallons.
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You could do 4-6 dwarf cories-Corydoras hastatus or Corydoras pygmaeus-if you were willing to have sand substrate. Other than that, 6 tetras would work (pick out what you like and someone can let you know if it works or not), ghost or possibly cherry shrimp depending on the betta's personality, or maybe some rasboras.
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it really depends on how aggressive your betta is
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You should use this tool to make sure that your tank will not be overstocked with what you plan to add to it:

Keep in mind that most fish that are compatible with bettas are social, schooling species that need groups of at least six of individuals to feel secure and express their natural behaviors. Danios and tetras can become aggressive and severely nip at your betta's fins if they are kept in low numbers. Pygmy cories are one of the best choices as far as betta compatibility is concerned, their size makes it easy to fill out a decent sized school and they are unlikely to illicit aggression from the betta due to their bottom-feeding nature.
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