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16G - 6 danios & male VT Ren

Hi guys & gals ~ I've had Ren with the 6 danios in the 16G for about a week now.
I eyed them very closely & was prepared to move him if any nipping or fighting happened...
So far, they don't even seem to look at each other.
This is just a temporary thing until I get his 8G set up...I can't get those dang dividers
up stable or else he'd be sharing w/ Danny Boy in a 10G.
I know danios like a faster current/bigger tank & they'll get it when he's moved.

The danios aren't acting freaked & neither is's heavy planted with space for
the danios to swim, and Ren has a betta log & coffee cup. He knows to go into his log
for pellets now (the danios were knocking them off the surface before). Smart boy!
He sleeps in his coffee cup at night.

Ren was next to Danny Boy's 10G in a 3G & they never ONCE flaired at each other,
I switched him w/ Bravado & Brav went crazy flairing at Danny! So Ren isn't very aggressive.

So I just wanted to tell this in case anyone is thinking of mixing....I thought one danio (the yellow Glofish kind) would be a problem, but he's not picked on anybody. I'm still keeping a watch though.
I guess it just depends on their personality & how much space they have?

Good luck all :)
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This is really cool, and definately shows that space and a betta's temperment typically decide how well they get along with tankmates.

sounds like everything is going well there, though I'd still keep an eye on him :D
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