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Questions about Breeding

I'm not sure if I want to seriously pursue it, but I am curious!

I have a male betta which I love dearly and I think he is gorgeous, I'd love to breed him!

BUUUUT! My fear is I will be stuck with like 100 betta fish! I'd like to be able to sell them cheaply locally, or give them away as gifts or something... I definitely don't have the room to keep that many betta fish, especially since I don't want them to live in little cups the rest of their lives!!!

What do you do with your betta progeny?
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Well first, we buy nice fish. We get the kind that sell well. We breed them and we sell them. Usually to others in the country. We ship out our bettas all over the country.
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A lot of people are tempted to breed when they find a fish they think is beautiful and fall in love with their personality. However, there's a lot more to consider with breeding--you need to have a real goal in mind, and not just pretty fish + pretty fish. There's a lot of information out there on genetics and how to produce the color and finnage you want in your fry. The best way is to start with two related bettas that are already close to your goal--if you wanted red dragon symmetrical halfmoon plakats, you wouldn't start with one red dragon and one non-dragon, for instance, because it would take forever and a lot of breeding back to the dragon scaled parent. Just not a wise use of your time or resources. That's one way to think about it.

Also consider that if you got your fish from a pet store, he might be past his prime breeding age. Many stores stock older males because they have the most impressive finnage. You also have no idea what the genetic background of the fish is, so there's no way to predict what will come out in the offspring--they might look nothing like your male at all, so if producing more of him is your goal, it will be very hard to accomplish. Also consider that when you go to the pet store, there are always a few languishing in their cups, unpurchased, which likely end up dying there. If all you're doing is producing more of the same fish that people don't care to buy, you're part of the problem. People could always go out and buy a gorgeous betta at the pet store--why would they go out of their way to come to you for more of the same? Keep in mind that breeding can be very hard on bettas, usually breeding shortens their lifespan, and sometimes fish even die in the process due to species aggression, secondary infections, and stress and weakness from not eating while tending to the fry. If you really love your male, perhaps you should just enjoy him instead of breeding.

If you're serious about breeding and have a goal in mind for how you're going to go about it, one thing breeders do to limit how many fry they have to deal with is to take the female out of the spawning tank before she releases all of her eggs. This creates a smaller spawn without having to cull any fry.
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