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Old 10-11-2010, 10:23 PM   #1 
Betta Slave
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Question Any of you feed live foods?

No, not daphnia and the like- fish. Guppy fry, platy fry?

-Please do not think I'm a bad person for this. I know people do it, and it's good for the bettas.

I'm considering setting up a tank just for that. I know my boys, at least (Lucifer and Damon especially) would love that. Gives them stimulation ;)

So if any of you do feed them guppy/platy fry, how much and how often would you feed them to your bettas?
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My last betta I had was in a 30 gallon with a few platys. He would rarely eat his pellets, and the platys would get very much pregnant, but none of the fry ever made it to adulthood. He was a VERY happy betta :p The fry we would see occasionally in the tank was about pellet sized. so I would give the same number of fry as you usually give pellets
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I raise guppies for my Bettas and feed usually 2-4 new born up to 2 weeks old guppy fry to them daily to every-other day, all depending on the fry size-

my female Bettas- I will sometimes put them in my guppy tank to free range eat fry to condition for breeding and I often will put males and females in the guppy tanks after spawning as well-especially if I plan on spawning those Betta again-I often do back to back spawning and I want to keep them in tip-top shape.

I also feed the guppies really good too-I want the fry gut loaded with my homemade fish food.
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I use to feed Guppy fry to mine, But as the generations went on I can't get any to look sideways at a fry.
I put one in, one grows to adult hood, Put 2 in, 2 grows to adult hood, Doesn't seem to matter,
I put them in tanks with guppies, They totally ignore all the fry.
So I pretty much gave up offering them any more.
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