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Fred and his bubble nest

Fred and Barney share a wonderful 5.5 gallon tank with a holed Plexiglas divider, comfy heater, filter and lots of toys. Their diet is flakes for breakfast, no lunch and either blood worms or brine shrimp for dinner. They have a life we humans would envy and their distinct personalities are a book in themselves.

Here's the situation. From the onset, the filter has been on Barney's side and the heater on Fred's. Barney thinks he is invisible while Fred is the life of the party. Fred loves to make bubble nests, Barney couldn't be bothered.

The twice a week tank change (10%) would include removing Fred's nest which he would promptly rebuild. Finally after much debate, the filter was moved to Fred's side and the heater to Barney's. The idea being Fred would be put off by the action of the filter and stop building nests. Well, Fred became defiant and has continued his building. Barney could care less.

The action of the filter is breaking up most of Fred's nests which are now migrating through the divider into Barney's side and result in a slime on the surface of the water.

Obviously, the filter and heater should be switched back and we'll just have to learn to deal with Fred's constant nest building.

Yes, we are Betta people and still learning.

Are we missing anything?
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Someone else can chime in, and correct me. But blood worms or brine shrimp daily is a bit rich and can cause constipation.

Also I would recommend the Hikari Betta pellets, they have been a proven food over the years "and" they make for much less tank mess than flakes.
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Yeah, I would find a good pellet as a staple for their diet, with blood worms/brine shrimp once or twice a week. I personally feed New Life Spectrum, but I believe Omega One and Hikari are also good products.

Don't worry about destroying a bubble nest. (: It's a territorial thing they do, and they don't get upset when it's broken. Hey, if he's making one at least it keeps him busy, right?

You also may want to change 20% instead of 10% of the water in a 5.5gal.. the 'slime' on the water is probably just organic material, I get something like that in my tanks. It looks gross, but I'm pretty sure it's harmless.
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Cool! but i think your missing the PIC! XD
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Fred isn't camera shy but Barney sure is.
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