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beta is inactive

What size is your tank? about 2 gallons
what temperature is your tank? just at room temp, since it is starting to snow i think it is too cold. going to go look at heaters soon
Does your tank have a filter? Nope

My tank has a lid with slits in it.
I feed my fish these brownish flakes, says it is for betta fish.
i feed it once in the morning.

I try to change it when ever the water starts to look pretty gross
We change the whole tank, which i just read is wrong, so we wont be doing that anymore
we use a fish and tap water conditioner that has aloe vera, when changing water, we also let the water sit for quite a while before changing it.

My fish now seems fat and losing colour near his front. Also he has lost some of his tail. no holes just lost the end of it.
Now all he does is sit at the bottom of the tank as before he would be around different places and near the top and almost jump out then you when to feed him, now he doesnt really move unless disturbed.
He has been less active for a while now, about a month or so, and just recently i noticed part of his tail was missing.
I put some of the conditioner in again, since it says it is supposed to help un-stress and heal the fish. I'm going to go to the pet store and look for a cheap heater tomorrow, since our house is pretty cold, and he was by a outside wall and i know that makes it even colder so we moved him.
This is the first time i've had him be sickly
He is about 1 and a half years old

Thats about it. I was just wondering what i should do to help him and whats wrong. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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You need to do 100% water changes every 2-3 days in a 2 gallon tank. Just because the water looks clean, it is NOT. Fish excrete ammonia through there gills, which is pretty much how fish urinate. You cannot see the ammonia, but it is toxic to the fish. When there is a lot of ammonia in the water it literally burns their skin and gills, which is painful and makes it hard for them to breathe. Make sure you add something to the water to remove the chlorine, like API Stress Coat or Seachem Prime.

I would also switch to feeding 2 betta pellets a day,one more in the evening if you like, flakes make the water dirty faster and are not enough nutrition for your fish. Soak the pellets in tank water to prevent them from swelling in your fish's stomach.
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The fin damage might be fin rot, caused by too much ammonia in the water.
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