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For buoyancy problems I have found that Epsom salt 1tsp/gal along with 100% daily water changes for 10 days to be also depends on why she is having buoyancy problems in the first place-

Some reason for these type of problems:
water quality
water temp
inflamed swim bladder or duct
infected swim bladder or duct
impacted duct
deformed swim bladder (genetic related or water quality related)
internal parasites
excessive freeze dried foods
egg bound
labyrinth organ related

this is just some of the things that can cause these type of problems and most all relate back to water quality, water temp and food type when not genetic related.

Epsom salt (not aquarium salt) in dosage of 1tsp/gal up to 3tsp/gal in salt tolerant fish can be helpful by working as a laxative, reduce edema/swelling and it also has a mild antibacterial/fungal effect

For treatment the fish needs to be QT and in the Epsom salt water 24/7 along with daily water changes-I like to pre-mix the salt in a 1gal jug to make water changes and correct dosage easier

Keeping the water temp in the 76-77F range, no filter or lights, holding food for the first 3 days and then offering half feeding twice daily every other day during the 10 day treatment.

You can treat her in the 1gal unfiltered container-I would lower the water level by half and cover the top with plastic veggie wrap to keep the air above the water warm and humid.

Good to hear the male is improving
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i have a heater for the breeding tank.
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im going to try this!
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