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Question Bettas need 20g long tanks??

I heard from a person online when asking about my betta's fin issues that

"3 gallons is normally not a comfortable size for those fish however, they're rather tolerant of small enclosure. Ideal size would be 20 gal long, their territory can expand upward to mile in wilderness. There was a previous experiment conducted in one of freshwater lake in USA which they dropped 2 male bettas at each end, approx. 5 miles away and they found each other next day- one died after fight but conceptually you would know their range."

O.O Has anyone else heard of this?
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Ideally, yeah it would be great if you had a 20 long to devote to a betta. They would be healthier, would not have trouble with obesity, would have more environmental enrichment, more stability in their environment. One of the most long-lived bettas on record lived to be 15 years old in a 20 long by himself. I believe the owner's secret was that he chased the fish around with a stick daily for exercise. Obesity and lack of environmental enrichment contribute to longevity and quality of life.

Personally, I keep my rosetails in 3G cycled tanks. I don't think they would utilize a larger tank due to the weight of their tails and their inability to withstand currents from filters. I do have a plakat, though, that I keep in my 29G with some peaceful community fish. He seems as happy as a clam and I am thankful I have the resources to allow him to live in a larger tank.
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I agree with Adastra.

As for your source of information, however, the lack of proper grammar and sentence structure tells me that it might not be a very reliable source. It also didn't include the exact details to the experiment. Altogether it seemed lacking.

A betta can comfortably live in 2.5 gallons at minimum. 3 gallons is ideal. A 20g long would be fantastic for their overall life, yes, but if you don't have the space or money means, not necessary.
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