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Question New Tank, Newbee..Question about algae due to heater?

Hi all:
Love this site - I got my first Betta (Bob) a couple months ago....poor Bob - R.I.P, but between him and all of the great info on this site I really got interested in keeping a betta in the house. Thanks to the site, I have much more info to keep my new betta happy. I was very surprised how relaxing a fish could be to watch after a long day of work.

"Max" is my new betta, I learned (at poor Bob's expense) the importance of water changes - currently Max is living in a 1.5 gallon with a light, two plants and no filter. Yesterday, I purchased a 2.5 gallon Minibow to give him some more space to swim in and more things to see.

I put a 50W heater in the Minibow -have a couple of silk plants and rocks in it with some gravel substrate (the rock material, plants and gravel are the same type) that are in that are in Max's current tank. I filled it up and it looked great yesterday, but I resisted the urge to transfer Max over, as I wanted it to cycle properly.

I'm very glad I did because when I got up this morning the water was murky and it looks like a green filmy algae is growing on the walls. Is this normal and part of cycling or what's going on .....?????

I had the same thing happen when I put this same heater in the 1.5 gallon, and shortly after that Bob passed to the big "sky aquarium". The person at the pet store told me that the heater was too big for a 1.5.

I've become very attached to "Max", he responds to my voice, so I'd like to keep him around for awhile, so I don't want to put him in his new house until it's perfect. The heater is not adjustable - its a Tetra - was the only one my pet store carries that works with the smaller aquariums.

So looking for suggestions - the water is currently 78 degrees, with winter around the corner here, I think I'm going to need a heater - since the house temp is kept at 62 during the day. I really can't afford to buy another heater right now, so should I unplug during the day and turn on at night....or what????. I do need to get a good water testing kit - since I don't know what the pH, ammonia levels are in the 2.5.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I too now have the "fish fever"
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Yeah, for a 2.5 gallon tank I would use a 10-15 Watt heater. 10 Watts are good for tanks up to 3 gallons. A 50 Watt heater is excessive for such a small tank, how does it fit??? If I were you I would invest in a thermometer (the glass one that goes in the tank water) and see just how hot that heater is running over a period of time. That big of a heater in that small of a tank is either making the water temperatures fluctuate a lot (causing stress to your fishy) or it's cooking them.

As for the algae, do you have a light on and if so for how long?
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Thanks ILB......sounds like I'll be picking up a thermometer tomorrow; the water feels pretty warm to the touch. It sounds like Max will just have to wait to "move up" until I can get things settled in his future home.

I have not had the light on in the new set-up yet; I was a bit discouraged this morning when I walked into the room and saw all of the algae in what was my previously crystal clear tank!!!!

I'm a little disappointed that they sold me the 50W heater. Sizewise, its pretty compact -the box states it could be used in 2 to 10 gallon aquariums, but I should have realized that this was a pretty extreme range for heater that can't be adjusted.

After finding out the temperature, should my next step be to remove some of the water, wipe the sides down and try again with a smaller heater (Max will have to wait until I get paid again).

Thanks very much!
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