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Baby Brine Shrimp and cleaning..

Quick question about baby brine shrimp.. I've searched but I can never find exactly what I'm looking for, so I hope this isn't too over-asked!

I've read that there is controversy over whether to feed BBS from day 1 or wait until they are a week old.. but are the BBS shrimp you can buy at a big aquarium store okay or are they too big? do you *have* to do the whole make your own thing for them to be small enough?

And my second question (this may be a dumb question) but how do you do daily water changes when the babes are SO small??

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Feeding BBS is a personal choice...some swear by them and others swear at

Since I use a more natural method to spawn I have lots of micro-critters in my tanks that the fry feed on for the first week or so before I start to add any live foods-when I do start to feed usually at the 6-7 day mark- I use newly hatched brine shrimp with yolk sac intact until then they are eating infusoria that the natural planted tank and snail make-I later add other live food as the grow.

When you feed BBS to fry it is best that you hatch your own and only feed the newly hatched BBS with their yolk sac intact-they are small enough for the small fry at that stage too plus high in nutrition-once the BBS yolk sac is absorbed they have little nutrition and you can see poor growth and development in the fry and/or sudden death due to starvation
Once the fry are a couple of weeks old I feed mine the older BBS that have been supplement with an HUFA supplement along with other live foods

Once I start adding live food to my fry I start making 50% daily water changes-you do have to be careful and try not to suck up the tiny fry-I always check my bucket and save the ones I get and I will get use a homemade type siphon I made out of air line hose and attached to a couple of chop sticks and use my thumb as the control valve and siphon off into an old ice cream bucket-then use a flash light to check for fry and use the siphon to transfer them back to the tank as needed.
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I use an airstone on my siphon so I never have to worry about sucking them up :)

I start sucking gunk from the bottom at week 4 because theyre big enough to see and I transfer to the growout at week 3 so they grow pretty fast within that week.
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