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Some of the Boyz

I snapped a couple of pictures of Tallahassee, Lee, and Leo a few days ago and since I haven't really posted pictures of my grownups in a while I thought I'd share :)

First up is Leo, I never properly introduced him. I bought him the same weekend I got the two pairs from Martinismommy. He was originally supposed to be my roommate's fish but she has since decided fish really aren't for her. Leo is sort of Freddie Mercury's replacement because he reminded me so much of Freddie.

Leo ALWAYS has a huge bubblenest in his tank and is just an all around happy guy. I recently put him in a divided tank with other males and he has a ball defending his territory against his neighbors LOL

Diz ma bubblenest.. u likes?

I iz pretty boy!

Next up is Tallahassee. He is my new special boy. Great personality and just a joy to watch His tail is looking so much better since he was spawned. I'm hoping once I get him into the conditioning jars (where he'll be fed 3 times a day and get daily water changes) he'll regrow more of his tail. For now I'm happy that he never got fin rot and his fins are nice and even.

He loves playing "peek-a-boo" with the thermometer

Then there's General Lee. He's doing well. He sits right next to my bed so he's the first guy I see in the morning and at night. He's kind of shy so I don't mess with him too much so I hardly ever have pictures of him. Here are just a couple I managed to get. As you can see he gets a little pale when you put a camera in his face.

His tank.. He is the only one that gets plastic plants because they don't hurt his fins. Eventually I want to switch out the gravel for either eco-complete or sand and plant his tank.

I'll have to get pictures of all the fish soon. I just never have time to take pictures lately.
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I LOVE General Lee! Sooo adorable!

My betta loves playing with the thermometer too like Tallahassee. He flares at it all the time, then hides by it. it's a love/hate relationship. bwhah.
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The General is looking great. They're all so pretty but honestly, Tallahassee is stunning with that golden eye, dark head combo. I really like him. :D
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