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Old 11-03-2010, 11:18 AM   #1 
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Betta's tail eaten

I just got a new Betta yesterday and the owner said that it would be fine if it went with baby angel fish and glass fish and zebra fish, so today i noticed that the betta has no tail... seperated it and its in a glass jar.

Question will the tail grow back or go back to the store and give the shop owner crap for telling me something that isn't right and have it exchanged for a new one.

Right now my betta lost its glitter.. PLEASE HELP!
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The tail might grow back, if he is healthy and kept in good clean water.

But, you should go back to the store and complain. While I don't know the size tank you had the fish in, a Betta should not have been put with those other fish...

Betta males (for the most part) are best kept in a tank alone. I'm no expert, but there aren't a lot of fish that can be kept with them. Mostly small slow fish are best, like certain types of algae eaters.

I know you will get more advice from the more experienced members here, but I would definitely complain about the incorrect advice. I would bet that the shop owner knew better, and if not he should have.

It's sad that the Betta is the one that is suffering here.. I wouldn't blame you for asking for an exchange or refund, but I wouldn't doubt if the shop ends up euthanizing the fish. They won't be able to sell a Betta with no tail. :/
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Old 11-03-2010, 12:00 PM   #3 
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I think the Angelfish is the culprit. Bettas can make great additions to a community tank when kept with COMPATIBLE species. General rules about compatibility:
- Peaceful fish; No aggressive fin nippers (tiger barbs are a big no no)
- Not too colorful
- Nothing with big fancy tails (like fancy guppies)

Bottom dwellers (catfish, shrimp etc) do best as they mostly stay out of your bettas way. A common tankmate that most people dont have problems with is the corydoras catfish (any variety) they need to be kept in groups though.

One question: How many of each fish do you have in the tank? glassfish and zebra danios are schooling fish and need to be kept in groups. Otherwise they may stress out and die. OR they can get aggressive when alone so it could have been one of them.
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Yeah, angelfish and bettas do not make a good combination...usually pet store employees know very little about these things.

As for your betta, if you attend to it, the tail will definitely grow back. Just give him warm, clean water and add a bit of aquarium salt.
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