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Two doubletails is asking for problems?

Is it 100% certain you will get fry who are unable to swim properly if you breed two doubletails?
I really love this tail type, I think my violet/white male has pretty good finnage & now I am hunting for a wonderful female on AB or a local breeder. He's a touch too long, small, and slightly thinner though than I'd like. But his fins are almost seemless & even. His split was clean, but he's grown so much it's hard to tell from pix. I could be wrong though! I will get pix up soon if you want to help me figure this out.
And yes, I have homes for the potential future babies. I respect those who care enough to worry about this fact. :)

Also, his body is like 1/2-1/3 the size of my two VT's bodies.
Are VT's just beefy generally?

I think I'll pick the biggest or equal size female with a stouter figure & either a Delta or Super Delta...I know VT is dominant over dbt..would VT be ok too? I read breeders mix VT in secretly bc it's frowned upon...

Crown doubletails are the goal....But I know I have a LOOOOOG WAY to go to get anywhere CLOSE TO THIS! :) So for now, what female should I breed with him? Beefier, shorter, and even finnage...White or purple/violet?

Anyone ever seen a TRIPLE TAIL?

Forgive me if these are dumb questions...the IBC site isn't working for me right now.

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Not in the first generation. So if you have two super rare DT only bettas then yes you can breed them BUT I suggest you buy a single tail female who carries the DT gene.
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It is suggested that you only breed DT x DT for only one generation. You might get deformities if you breed that F1 to another DT. (I don't know for sure)

To be on the safe side, breed your DT to a single tail. Since your goal is to produce Crown DT, so you should breed him to a CT female. Then take one of the geno's (CT apearance with DT genes) and breed her to daddy or another DT. From this batch, inbreed the crown DT. I must warn you though, it will take you a few more generations to get a fixed form.

I suggest you make 2 batches of F1, then cross some pairs and make a few batches of F2 to then again cross. Hopefully you won't get that many deformities when you excessively inbreed for many generations.

Good luck
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Triple tails are possible but extremely rare and I believe aren't something that can be bred for.

DTxDT can be done but it is only suggested to be done with non-related fish and only for 1 generation as Indjo said. I really don't suggest trying that though because you'll most likely get a higher incidence of spinal deformities than you would if you paired a DT with a DT geno single tail.
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