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Open Sores...

Just when I thought my fish were finally over the health problems I'd been seeing something else has popped up.

Last week I noticed Zorro (a male VT purchased from Petsmart last summer) had a large open sore on the left side of his "chin". I assumed he had gotten it from trying to fight through the divider although I'd never seen him even flare at another male because there is nothing else in his section that could have hurt him (nothing but an IAL). I immediately removed him from the tank and into a hospital tank with aquarium salt. I changed the water daily and it is starting to heal.

Today I noticed his neighbor, Damon, has a HUGE open sore on his right side at the base of his caudal fin. I can't really compare the size of it to anything.. perhaps a regular sized piece of gravel? His skin and scales are ripped off all the way to the "meat"

The only thing I can think is he might have gotten sucked into the filter but his fins are fine and he has no other injuries that I can see. No other fish got into his section either (that was my first thought). I didn't see this yesterday but to be perfectly honest since yesterday was fast day I really didn't look over him thoroughly, I just said a quick "hi" to everyone and checked tank temps. I know for 100% certainty that he didn't have it Tuesday because I thoroughly checked everyone with a flashlight (which I do at least every other day because the tank isn't currently lit so its hard to see any imperfections).

Just as I did with Zorro I immediately removed Damon to a ~2 gallon hospital tank with aquarium salt and a heater. I'll be doing 100% daily water changes.

I'm very upset. I have no clue what could have happened. He must have gotten stuck somewhere or something. There isn't any horrible illness that causes sudden sores is there?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to treat them or is the standard daily wc, heat, and salt going to be enough? Should I be adding anything else to prevent infection? I'm also feeding them a mixture of Attinson's Betta, NLS Betta, NLS Grow, and Omega One Betta Buffet (crushed) as well as frozen blood worms once or twice a week so their nutrition should be well covered.

The tank they are normally in is a 10 gallon divided 4 ways and cycled, water parameters are normal, temperature is 78*F. Last water change on the tank was last Saturday (Oct 30th) and another again today. The males have been in divided tanks for almost as long as I've had them so they don't really every fight with each other any more. They're fed once or twice daily and fasted once or twice a week (usually Wednesdays or Mondays because those are the day's I'm busiest).
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