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Cycling & Other Questions

Yes I made another thread, and yes I have even more questions to bother you experts with xD Okay so Adamu is doing pretty good right now, his tank is at a nice 80 degrees even though he still has the same crappy heater. I think I'll be able to go tomorrow and get a new one, along with some other stuff.

Okay so I had a question about Cycling. I know I need to get a filter in order to do so, but I heard about this Tetra Safe Start liquid that is supposed to be okay when used while the fish is in the tank. I was just wondering if someone could please explain to me how exactly I do this, and if there are any risks to Adamu if I do it while he's still in the tank. Also how much do you think the TSS and filter would cost? I also heard I need a kit to test the PH and Amonia of the water.

Thanks! Oh and is scotch tape dangerous to Betta's? I just taped the thermometer to the side of the tank and wanted to make sure it was safe.
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Save your money on the cycle products-you can safely cycle your tank with your Betta provided that you make the needed water changes.

Once you get a filter going
This is a 5gal right......
Without water test products-make 50% water only change a week and 50% with substrate vacuum/cleaning a week

With water testing products for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH-make a regular 50% weekly water change with substrate vacuum/cleaning and a water only change with water pram reading of ammonia and/or nitrite 0.25ppm or greater

The nitrogen cycle can take 4-8 weeks-you know you are most likely cycled with water prams readings are-ammonia and nitrite 0ppm and nitrate 5-10ppm for several days without a water change except of the regular weekly water change.

The nitrifying bacteria are sticky and adhere to everything in the tank-like the walls, decoration, plants both real and fake, in the top layer of substrate and in the filter media- very little are in the water column so water only changes will not slow the cycling process....over cleaning the filter media and vacuuming will

The filter media needs a rinse/swish in old tank water with a water change and when the water flow slows to get the big pieces of gunk off to maintain good water want the filter media to look dirty...this is good bacteria.

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Okay thank you. So I wouldn't have to buy anything like TSS? I would just do two 50% changes a week? Guess I'll have to buy a Siphon as well tomorrow: Betta's are expensive lol. Also once I DO get the tank cycled and I have enough plants and other stuff for Adamu, would my 5.5 Gallon tank be big enough to divide and get another Betta? Would a male or female do better?

I also plan on getting a Sorority in a few months time, after I research and have everything ready of course ;) These things are ADDICTING.
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