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New Beta Not Eating

Hey Everyone!

I love this website so kudos to the people who got this started. I've gotten loads of info from it. However, I see posts about people's beta fish not eating but have had them for a while, so I want to bring a new twist to the problem.

I bought my beta from Walmart yesterday, and got the pellet type of beta food. I dropped a couple in there last night and he looks at it but doesn't eat it. I went to a friend who just got one too and she is saying that her beta fish was eating instantly and eating the flakes. So I go to Walmart and pick up the flakes and try to feed him some late last night. (after having him in his tank for approx. 10 hrs) and he nibbled a couple of pieces and spit it up.

This morning I give him food he doesn't even acknowledge it... Any ideas on what could be happening? I've heard that some beta fish don't eat for a few days.. is there any truth to this? His tank is currently set at 76 degrees and everything was cleaned and sterile..

Thanks Guys!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of betta keeping....

True-some Betta will not eat for the first days to week after getting them-not uncommon-make sure you remove any of the food he doesn't eat so you don't foul the water
Depending on what size your tank is and if it is filtered/heated-you may need to go ahead and make a 50-100% water change-make sure and use dechlorinator with any new water added to the fish if you are on city water supply that covers-chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and try and keep the water temp within a couple of degrees between new and old water so not to cause any temp related problems

If he doesn't eat in a couple of days you can try adding a drop or two of fresh garlic juice to help stimulate appetite-some respond to it and other don't.....this species responds differently to some things and can have different tolerance with water temp-some do better with the high end of normal temp when others are fine with the lower end of may want to try increasing the water temp 1 degree at a time over an hour and see what he likes best.

Is he otherwise acting to see some pic.....he may just need more time to adjust to his new tank......
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Thanks OldFish Lady!! We just did a 100% water change and rewashed the rocks and props. Hopefully this will help... How long should I go before getting too worried that he won't eat?
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Thumbs up

Day 3.... Tested water for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, etc and everything seemed to be just right.. His temperature in his tank is at a steady 76-77 degrees. I tried to feed him a couple of blood-worms and he ate a couple of them so at least he ate something. Still having a hard time getting him to eat his pellets or flakes.. However, I'm hoping over time he'll get better and we can actually get to a schedule.

What's everyone's opinion on a strict Bloodworm diet? Is this bad to do? I have heard of people using blood-worms as treats for water-changes etc etc but that at the time seems to be the only thing he will touch..

Also, what are some ways to get my Betta more active? He spends a lot of his time idling at the bottom of his tank with occasional surfaces to blow bubbles..

Thanks everyone!
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The best thing to do for your betta is to give him a balanced diet with different types of food. Pellets, bloodworm, brine shrimp, etc. He'll be a very happy and happy fish if you provide him variety. To keep him active, show him a mirror for no more than 5 minutes every other day so he "fights" with his reflection. This will motivate him and give him a better self-esteem every time he "defeats" his rival. Also, give him an interesting tank with decoration, plants, places to hide. Bettas are curious fish, so, give him things to investigate. If you can't put decorations inside his tank, put them in the outside. Put a toy, a picture, let him see the TV from afar. Things with movement will catch his attention and keep him active. Just, be patient for a while. He's new, let him climate to his new tank, environment, surroundings and owners. Once he's settled in, treat him as a pet, not some kind of decoration, and you'll see what a special little friend you have.

Good luck!
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Try fasting him for a day or two then feed him and see of he eats. And if he still doesn't eat I would try some live food.
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I would just keep offering him food every day until he (hopefully) decides to eat it.
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new beta, not eating

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