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Thumbs up Blood worm diet/ how to get more active?

For those who have been helping me out thanks a ton!

Day 3.... Tested water for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, etc and everything seemed to be just right.. His temperature in his tank is at a steady 76-77 degrees. I tried to feed him a couple of blood-worms and he ate a couple of them so at least he ate something. Still having a hard time getting him to eat his pellets or flakes.. However, I'm hoping over time he'll get better and we can actually get to a schedule.

What's everyone's opinion on a strict Bloodworm diet? Is this bad to do? I have heard of people using blood-worms as treats for water-changes etc etc but that at the time seems to be the only thing he will touch..

Also, what are some ways to get my Betta more active? He spends a lot of his time idling at the bottom of his tank with occasional surfaces to blow bubbles..

Thanks everyone!
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Bloodworms are meant to be a once or twice a week treat. I recommend a good pellet food like Adison's Betta Pro or Omega One betta buffet.
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I have tried feeding him the pellets with having him on a 2 day fast... he would touch... NOTHING besides the worms. :( Is there any negative effect to having him eat just blood-worms?

Thanks for your help.
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Bloodworms (mosquito larvae) are fine if that's all he eats. Remember, in the wild, Betta's prime source of food is mosquitoes laying their larvae in rice paddies.

If you insist on looking for another source of nourishment, try out the Hikari Betta Bio Gold pellets, they are far smaller in diameter then most of the other common brands. In addition google and read up on Bio Gold, majority of the owners who have Betta's with finicky appetites tend to have luck with the Hikari brand....
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