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Talking MIRACLE birth! (guppy babies!)

Well i had noticed that my pregnant guppy had a sac like thing (transparent, could be squished and it was sort of a orangey color) bulging from where her babes come out. I had only seen that thing with one other fish before. She was also a pregnant guppy and her sac got bigger and bigger until it looked like a big group of orange squishy bubbles and she then died a day later. Anyways back to the main girl. She had that sac and looked like she was trying to give birth and the sac just stayed put the whole day annd wouldn't budge so i had ot play a little game of "squishy-fishy" with her because i saw the babies ready to come out in her gravid spot and she was ready to give birth. Now what i am about to describe may sound cruel but if i jujst left her then she AND her babies would have died because once the mom dies the babies die if still inside the womb. So i set up a breeders net to put babies in and put momma in betta cup with plenty of water in it for comfort and squished her belly with the net and BOOM babies started to pop out! ALIVE and well!! About 25-26 babies were born 5 of which were still born and there was one egg. Sadly and im not proud of this but as a result of her stomach being to squished and the organs must have been crushed she passed away after the birth. But on the bright the babies that were "still born" were making me very curious. They had come out folded like the others but they did not unfold. So i wondered what would happen if since they were JUST born they would still be alive if i poked them gently with the handle of the net to pop them open (unfold them NOT make them explode lol) and they were ALL ALIVE! YAY! So now i have 25-26 happy healthy babies that would have been dead if i hadn't done something!!! R.I.P to the mommy though... and does anybody know what that sac thing was!?!?!?
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oh no! poor momma! but it's great that the babies survived!
i think there's some livebearer species that actually have placentas to hold the eggs/babies, so for some reason that might of come out. i'm only guessing though, but that's the only sac-like thing i can think of related to birthing...
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