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Old 11-10-2010, 06:56 PM   #1 
akjadestar's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Alberta, Canada
Finally brought home my teachers betta!

Good news everyone! My teacher agreed to let me have his betta and I got to take it home today! He's a cute orange veil tail but... he's not in the BEST health... he's bloated... I mean it's not terrible but there were idiots in my class who were putting real food in the tank, like crackers and stuff... gross eh? I don't know if either the betta or goldfish actually ate it... I just found out all waterlogged and soggy in the corner of the tank and used the fish net to scoop it out... Anyways, I took the betta in a big plastic container and he had to wait in the cold for me for a while while I waited for my ride... but he got home safe and sound and as we speak is swimming happily around in his clean, relatively warm 2 gallon bowl. Of course, I'll be putting him in my 10 gallon once it's done... I need to pick up a a few thing to set up and then I can cycle it!
Hopefully I can go to the pet store tonight or tomorrow, I can get a kit for cycling my tank, get my live plants for the tank, and a cave, and hopefully a big bushy silk plant. I want live plants in my 10 gallon but I need a plant for now because as you can see, his tank is looking kind of bare:
the temp shows as a bit over 73 in there but now it's warmed up to 76... and here's a picture of him!
this was in his container is his cloudy water before I moved him into the bowl. His name is Churro!

Okay and, here's my game plan:
Go to the pet store ASAP and buy:
A cycling kit, five live plants, a castle/ cave, and a silk plant. I'll put the silk plant and castle in the bowl for now so there's more hiding spots for Churro, and then I'll set up my tank and begin cycling! Once it's done, I'll quickly baffle my filter, then simply move Churro on in there, and I'll drop the sand castle in as well, AND oh yeah, I'm gonna eventually make a cave, buy a floating log, and najas grass. Najas grass is floating so I can put some in and around the log to make it comfy and safe with in the cave! Sound all good?
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Old 11-10-2010, 07:40 PM   #2 
New Member
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Nevada
congrats I rescued one of my bettas from a teacher and he lived almost 3 years
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Old 11-10-2010, 09:32 PM   #3 
dukie1346's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Wisconsin
That's awesome! He is beautiful, and adorable :)
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Old 11-10-2010, 09:53 PM   #4 
metalbetta's Avatar
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Lincoln, NE
Oh he's a pretty little guy. Great job giving him a nice home. :)
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Old 11-11-2010, 12:41 AM   #5 
akjadestar's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Alberta, Canada
Thanks guys! Okay so that was a really crummy picture since he was in murky water, but I needed to take some time by adding the new water into his container before I put him in the bowl, but now that he's in the bowl in clean water, I got a much better picture! Anyways, as you can see, his gills just don't look quite right and the edges of his scales are darkened... And as a side note, he's not as bright of orange as he is in this picture... He just looks so bright because I accidentally took this with flash and probably he looks brighter in contrast to the black background...

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Old 11-11-2010, 12:47 AM   #6 
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jmtriro01's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Philippines
wow, that's a very nice orange! that's very kind of you.
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Old 11-11-2010, 01:12 AM   #7 
CrankyFish84's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Good for you!!! I'm sure he's very grateful you took him in to spoil him :)

Your game plan looks great!..... Just be wary of those cycling kits (Don't want you wasting money)...Some work, and some don't...I used gravel called CaribSea Instant Aquarium & it did cycling my 16G within a week. Plus, it looks nice in many different colors. It's on the expensive side for substrate, but Foster Smith online is only $9 shipping for unlimited items...if you find yourself wanting more stuff then the price evens out.

Or, if your have a friend with an established tank, ask to borrow a bit of their gravel/filter cutting
for tons of good bacteria..dont ask the pet store though, they are usually filled with bad parasites.

It took my 3G 2 weeks to cycle using a cocktail shrimp bit & temps at 79-81.
You can put your guy in the tank while cycling, just stay on top of water changes
every other day or you have a digi thermometer? Coralife makes a GREAT one, for like $3-5,
it's very exact I found. Are you getting a heater for his 10G?
Stay away from TETRA brand....I bought 4 and 1 was broken, the other 3 only heated like 3 degrees.
Go with Marineland, Aqueon, Hydor, Jager brands. Lowest priced on Amazon I found.
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Old 11-11-2010, 04:34 AM   #8 
LikeDiscoSuperfly's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Washington, USA
I am SO jealous. When I was looking for a betta I wanted a orange one so bad and couldn't find one anywhere for weeks. =[ next betta maybe..

but good for you, now he wont have people picking on him and such. =]
he's beautiful!
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Old 11-11-2010, 10:00 AM   #9 
Capricorn's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: NW Connecticut
What a cutie! He almost looks like a goldfish, haha.
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Old 11-11-2010, 10:48 AM   #10 
Lion Mom
Lion Mom's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: N.E. Wisconsin, U.S.A.
PRETTY fish and GREAT job!!!! :)

Have one question about your game plan, though. You are putting a "sand" castle in his tank? Won't that melt in the water?
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