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Another Betta or Another Kind Of Fish?

So right now I have two bettas. I'm getting a divided 10 gallon tank this weekend and I plan on dividing it in 3 so each fish has a little over 3 gallons. I'm wondering should I get another betta or another type of fish? I really like Platy's and Variatus but they're livebearers so I'd have to get males. If/when I get them will the people at the pet store specifically pick out males for me or would they be able to tell? And would I have room for 2 or just 1 in a 3 gallon section?
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Hello, I personally would not put male platies in a 3 gal tank, the males can get a bit nasty with each other. If you are dividing this tank in 3 and its heated and filterated you could put a few white cloud mountain minnows, neon tetras something small like that but if it were me I would put another different kind of betta in there.
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