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Churro's starting to behave kind of odd...

Okay, so I was a bit worried before about him having fin rot or gill burn or inflamed gills or something... I was pretty sure he had the last one, but then I thought that at least if he did, it was very minor, nothing that some clean warm water and love couldn't fix, or that maybe it was permanent damage from the filthy water he was in and maybe he won't live AS long as other bettas but it's not like he's in critical condition... Also Adastra said he could have internal parasites since he was in a pretty small tank with a feeder goldfish... but I decided that if I didn't know for sure I didn't want to spend my money on the meds, because right now I'm totally focused on finishing my tank and then seeing if he improves once he's in his nice new ten gallon. But lately he's like, acting strange. He used to be a really graceful swimmer but now he's darting around, swimming with his mouth up against the edge of the glass with his body and tail waving around behind him. He'll dart around sliding across the edges of the tank with his mouth quickly opening and closing lots of the time... He's acting odd... he's not like, scratching on anything or absolutely spazzing, but I'm just a little concerned... I'm gonna clean half of his water today and put in a bit of aquarium salt...
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