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How do you select a new betta?

I am faced with an empty10 gallon tank that Elvis used to live in, and a 10 gallon I was going to use for some hillstream loaches, but have changed my mind and will get a giant/king betta for both tanks. So now I am faced with shopping for and selecting 2 new giants one that has big fins to fill in the living room tank where Elvis was and the other in the bedroom.I got really lucky when I found elvis at petco, I saw this huge bright blue fish in the little cup and he gave me the look and I picked up the cup and did not set him down and did not care how much he cost. I have bought many bettas because of the look they gave me, how they interact, by this I mean there are some bettas that just basically float around in their cup and there are those who face you and look at you, maybe even flare at, give you the full beard, followed by what I call "the betta wiggle". elvis did and this to me is far more important than how the betta looks, but of course if it's a beauty and interacts like that you have a winner. I have bought more than a few bettas that most likely no one would have bought because they just were not all that pretty or were just deformed but they looked at me and you can almost hear them pick me pick me. Then there are the sad ones who are in dire need of rescuing which is something I don't mind doing it, but it is not always easy saving a fish that is bad off. So how do you pick your bettas?
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The eye's, always the eye's. It's the same look that you get. Generally if I pick the cup up and the fish gives me that look and wiggles, I'll take them home (before when I actually had space for new Betta's lol) Only twice did I take fish home because they were sick or injured but they still gave me the eye's. So I'd just have to vote that it's always been the look they give
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How to pick

You always want to make sure your Betta is healthy... Here are a few good ways to check... Ok so obviously, make sure he is not just floating at the top or bottom... You would not want to buy a dead Betta would you... If I recall, my older cousin did this... Next, look at the fins... If it looks like it is rotting or torn, this Betta has a bacterial infection called fin rot. Next, you might try to hold your finger up to the glass. If he/she reacts to it, that is a good sign. Also make sure that your Betta is colorful. And as the person before me said, ALWAYS LOOK AT THE EYES
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