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How would you streamline water changes for the following...

I don't slack off on changes, but I'm getting confused now... How would you organize the changes
to keep it simple?
All on the same day right?
I write changes down on a calendar, but it's getting hectic, lol ... I think I'm going to start filling bottles of water all at once on the same day, put the Prime in, then let them sit so they are all the same temp.

Is there an attachment I can use to make water come out of the faucet faster?

Here are the set ups, as of Nov 19th....I have a couple 10's divided now, but I have a vision
for their placement in the house as kinda "art center pieces", and the dividers will detract from it. (dont laugh please I know that's silly lol) And if I ever have a friend do changes when I'm away, I want to make it as simple as possible for them. :)

Can I use rain water from my step dad's rain catching tubs? Or is that potentially polluted?

Sooo....they are...

10G - Dexter (new filter)
10G - Danny Boy (filter cycled)
10G - Ping (new filter)
10G - Ren (filter cycled)
10G - Brown 1 (No filter yet)

Assume no filter since they will have to recycle after drying out.

3G - Whitey
3G - Mr Brooks
3G - Brown 2

I've never had the Hawkeye 5, but ordered 3 based on reviews and price.
Assume no filter on these too since they too will be cycling.

5G - Yellow
5G - Lt Shiny Sides
5G - Chalupa

and the 16G (cycled) - 6 females

Thank you & I hope I made sense!
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Wow, you have quite a full plate. I organize mine based on where they are in the house. I have my large tanks all on the same level and the smaller tanks upstairs. I don't want to have to carry 5G buckets all over the house, so I do the big tanks one one day and the little tanks on another. I think it's most important to take proximity into account more than anything since that's where the real work is involved.

I use 4-5G plastic storage bins to carry water around the house. I don't age it, I test the temperature coming out the tap, add Prime water conditioner, give it a good stir and use a smaller container to ladle the new water in. One big reason (among others) I would not use rain water because it's harder to adjust the temperature to match your tanks, and it will only take you more time to compensate for the temperature inconsistencies. I wouldn't bother.

You will have to do a minimum of two water change days a week since you will likely have to change the 3Gs twice a week until they're properly cycled. The 5s and 10s can take once weekly large water changes while they're cycling as long as you test the water frequently to make sure your schedule is keeping up with the waste.

Maybe you should consider getting a python water change system, lol.

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Thanks Adastra :)

haha funny you mention Python...I bought the Python No Spill Clean N Fill but it doesn't fit any of my easy fix my handy roomy hasn't got around to yet.

The house is one level, but I like the idea of doing it a day per room...Maybe add wheels to the
waste buckets that lock while filling too...
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