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I can't believe I am now a member on a fish board....

HELLO! I absolutely love cats and my dogs but I have been lurking around the dark caverns of for the past few days (since Sat night I think). I have a betta named King. I had added a silent filter and heater about 2 weeks ago. They seemed to freak him out. But he had gotten really cold when winter snuck up on us for a day. So when I found you guys on Saturday, King had not eaten for about 4 days (I think I had been feeding him too much and maybe it caught up with him?) I thought he was sufffering and it broke my heart to think of him in pain. If he had been a dog or cat I would have taken hime to the vet. I thought he was dying. He wasn't moving, wasn't eating. I considered a peaceful end for him but he was fighting to live and I wanted to fight for him. So I searched and found this website. I did a 100% water change and filled the aquarium with luke warm water. I have not put the filter back in because it freaks him out the most and he doesn't get a choice about the heater. Anyway he is doing much better. So now I find myself spending hours reading everyone's stories and looking at the gorgeous fish so in the time it took me to think I may lose him, I went from someone who is taking care of "just a fish" to someone who is very proud of and in love with my Betta. So my love has grown like the grinch on Christmas and I've got some pic of my handsome boy. I always thought he was awesome but because of this site and the love you all have for your fish, I now know how special my King is
So I hope you don't mind if I introduce you to King. I will give a brief (sorry I will pry not be brief) intro. I have had my betta since January. He started out as a classroom pet. my mom is a school teacher and she got a 1.5 gal hex aquarium as a Christmas gift from her friend (also a teacher). So I went to the local pet store (mostly fish, rodents and birds). I explained the situation and the cashier "suggested" fishmates. I now realize the aquarium was too small for 6 fish and the betta. Anyway all the kids wrote down a name for a fish and we pulled them out of a box and named the fish. There were 2 guppies, 2 panda barbs, 2 tiger barbs and the betta (oh and an algae fish the size of the betta). The betta ended up with the name King. So all the fish lived together happily with a sexy memaid for about 3 weeks. Then we come back after a weekend and 1 is dead. then a few days later another. And so on....
The betta NEVER showed any aggression so we didn't even begin to think it was him. We thought cold snaps, sick fish whatever. So now it is 6 weeks later and we are down to 2 guppies, algae, and betta boy. The next morning, both of the guppies is completely gone. I took everything out of the tank and nothing. I then noticed a shimmer under the mermaid (she had been knocked slanted). The last guppy was under the mermaid hiding. I plucked her out and put her in a rubbermaid container I had at the school. I never found the other guppy. So now I had to admit that not only had the betta most likely killed the others but that he had eaten one. Still I never saw any aggression. Then like a day later the kids had went home and the lights were off. My mom was in a meeting and I was waiting. It was not dark, just not overhead lights. Then I saw something weird in the hex tank. I snuck over and saw the betta exploding all over the algae eater! He was (what I now know ) completely flared! I had never seen anything like that and it freaked me out. I was able to rescue the algae fish and into the rubbermaid container he went. I found out from the walmart guy ( he actually knew what he was doing, should have gone to hime from the beginning) that the algae and guppy need the filter and flowing air into the tank. So I had an emergency situation. I had to put the 2 into the aquarium but the betta was too big for the rubbermaid container. All I had in the classroom was a 2 gal plastic, square, cookie jar. So that became King's new digs until June (this was in Feb.) We explained King was in time out because he was a bully (they were 1st graders and the boys loved King even more LOL) Our fish never did very well except King. Luckily Walmart let us exchange them and the kids loved every fish. Finally in April we got mixed fruit tetras and they made it to the end of the school year. A responsible little girl took them home with her on the last day and King came home with me. This was in June. King (I call him Fish) has since given up his cookie jar (I think that was his favorite home, he made massive bubble nests) for a 3 gal cylinder aquarium (kind distorts the pics a bit but he loves his neverending laps). The aquarium has led lights but I rarely use them. He has a shark (he needed a friend and since he does not play well with others he got a shark, kinda poetic justice ;) ) and a dinosaur tree (I "borrowed" it from one of the 1st grade play centers and King loves it and now it's his). His "gravel" are jewel stones and marbles. I have realized he needs a hiding place (it never bothered him before the heater and filter) but I will fix that this week. His heater keeps his water at 78 degrees. I think once he gets his hiding place he will be back to normal (and when i stop making him pose LOL).
Anyway here is my King



Sorry for all the pics. He just has so many good sides! oh and the take is not dirty, just has my fingerprints. OH I think he is a veil tail right?

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Yes, he's a VT :) Welcome!
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Lol, welcome to the forum, glad to know things are working out now. :)
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Welcome, and
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Wow, that is a crazy story! Welcome to the forums! :)
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Welcome to the forums and wow lotta drama going on in your tank! No wonder you named your Betta, King!!
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Welcome to the forum !!!!
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King is back to not doing so good :(
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Pretty fish! I have that tank. And that shark XD
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