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Peas, constipation


Well last week Sam wasn't so hot, he had a lump on his chin and his left gill was red.

The gill doesn't look as bad now and the lump has gone down, so natural healing is taking its course.
I didn't add any medicine to the tank as I wanted this to happen naturally, so it appears to be going well.

His appetite wasn't what it was before, but, after reading up, I realize I was over-feeding him from the beginning.

I was feeding him upwards of 12 pellets a day, 5-6 each feeding twice a day.
Although, some days, I'd only feed him 5 pellets once a day.
But basically except for the odd time he never fasted.
So I realize this may be too much regardless of whether he eats it all.

During this lump incident his appetite went down but even now as it gets better his appetite is still a bit off. I started to worry about constipation so I got some peas.

Peas however sink to the bottom and he shows little interest in them. I tied one to some floss and suspended it in the water, but, he's not showing interest in that either.

How do I get him to eat peas?
Even if he's not constipated I'd still like him to eat some peas once in a while for health.
Incidentally he is eating, I gave him two pellets today after fasting him a couple days.
As long as he eats 2-3 pellets every other day he won't die so that's fine.
But still, I'd like peas in the mix.


edit: another reason I suspect some mild constipation is that I don't see any poop in the tank these days.
I suppose it's possible that the poop is somehow getting put through the filter I have added but I don't think so - the 'suction' or water current isn't that strong to be pulling in all the poop, although, Sam likes to sit on top of the filter for some reason so I dunno.

Here is a thread about my new filter and routine:

Ok thanks

ALSO (sorry) he's not showing bloating or unusual bulging.

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12 pellets a day is too much. I would fast him for a few days then start feeding him 2-3 pellets twice a day.
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I'm not sure how you are feeding them now. When I feed them, I cut them in to tiny, pellet sized pieces. I give them at normal feeding time and being so small, they just gobble them up before they can sink -- at that size they don't seem to know the difference.
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