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Lightbulb Home made filter

I just made a filter at home (= You can't see in the pic but there are holes along the bottom for the intake. The reason this bottle/filter looks so small compared to Neon is because neon's at the front of the tank and the filters in the back. I don't think this really causes too much current except for right on the surface next to the filter.

At the moment Neon keeps staring at the thing and picking at it lol. If you don't think this works in a 2.5 gallon tank, please tell me! If this works well I'll only do waterchanges once a week do you think this is good?
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You have to cycle it first before you can only do water changes once a week. =] Would you like some info on cycling? =]

If so here's a great sticky thread

It looks like it would be great for a simple biological filter. =] I would adjust the flow a bit though because even though it seems like the current isn't strong, those bubbles actually move the water quite a lot.

A simple way to adjust the flow would be to tie one or more knots in the airline tubing.

Also is that a regular household sponge? If so then it most likely has fungicides, and other chemicals in it. The only kind of sponge you really want to use in an aquarium is a sponge specifically made for aquarium use.

A great choice as far as sponge goes is the AquaClear brand. =] you can buy a box of three sponges for 30 gallon filters for less than $5.00

The sponges are pretty big so once you cut them up they should make a nice filter for you. =]

Also if you live near a Petsmart or PetCo, seeing as you already have the airline tubing and the airpump, why not go through less hassle and try out this product? You could also pick up a 2 way airline valve to help control the current. =]

These are all cheap if not cheaper than a typical filter seeing as the AquaClear sponge is only $2, the valves are only $2, and the filter is only $6 (when not on sale).

The only thing you really NEED to change is the sponge though. =]

The Current might become a problem in the future but it shouldn't be too bad considering you can knot your airline tubing if you don't get the valve. Also your boy looks like a veil tail and their tails tend to be more sturdy than those with more elaborate fins. =]

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Old 11-19-2010, 07:21 PM   #3 
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Location: Hawaii- Go Diamond head!
Acually no it isn't regular sponge. It's designed for filters. I had a "controller" hooked onto the tubing so I can change the bubble amount. This home made filter is actually only temperary, for probably a month or two, so when I have the money from Christmas or allowance (only 13 ;D) Then I'll be buying a real filter. This one's just to help out untill then, really. Thanks for the advice!

On another note: do you think using just undergravel filter in my tank is ok? IDK if I wrote it on this post b4 but its a 2.5 gallon and there IS one made specifically for it (by lee)
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Old 11-20-2010, 01:01 PM   #4 
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Undergravle filters are excellent IMO but only if they're used with a power filter.
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