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Changing A Filter Cartridge

Hey everyone, I question popped up into my head. Should I ever change my filter cartridge? I think not, but my family keeps insisting that I should change it. I keep telling them that all the good bacteria is on the filter media but they still think after a while it will get to clogged up and I would have to change it. Is this true?

Also, once a month I change the carbon in the filter cartridge and every week or so I swish the filter cartridge in old tank water. Of course, my family still doesn't think that is enough.

One more thing, they're actually only telling me I should change the filter cartridge once a year I'm telling them that I should never change it. Who's right?

Thanks :)
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I'm no expert, but I think changing it once a year means you go through a cycle once a year, which means new fish every year :/ I think you oughta keep doing what your doing :)
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I think it's okay changing it every once in a while. If the cartridge is practically falling apart, you can change it. A lot of the bacteria is also in the gravel and decor in your tank, so if you have to change the pad, a lot of the good bacteria will still be in the tank.
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Mine says to change it every month...BUT...The originals look in great shape after 3 months, so I don't. lol I will change em when they are totally falling apart. Mine have 2 parts though...The carbon part enclosed in fiber, and this "bio" black plastic sponge thingy (or a bio wheel in the eclipses). These are said to never have to be replaced.
I just swish mine in tank water when it gets clogged. :)
If you do replace yours, be sure to save a little bit and stick it in with the new one to speed up bacteria growth.
You can also add bio balls that I believe never have to be replaced & float around the tank.
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