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Originally Posted by lilbloofish View Post
Pellets are the best, i use new life spectrum.

Can you tell me if the NLS pellets are smaller than the Atisons pellets??

My boys will not eat the Atisons as they are to big.
I have never seen Attinson's pellets, but New Life Spectrum has a small fish formula and the size of the pellets are .5mm. I am not sure if that is bigger or smaller. It is small enough for a female i just bought at the local pet store. :)
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It depends on how picky and big ur fish is, the pellets may be too big. My fish will only eat store brand flakes
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Lion Mom
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I use New Life Spectrum Growth Formula. I know that NLS has a betta formula, but the Growth Formula pellets are smaller than the Betta Formula (they are TINY) and their is more protein in the Growth Formula - 50% protien/9% fat. I have been using in since the beginning of August & everybody is doing GREAT on it!!! :)
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I have TopFin and HBH betta pellets as well as Hikari FD bloodworms and brineshrimp. I also have Wardley's pellets, but I've stopped feeding him those.

Janus gets 5 pellets a day, usually a mixture of the two, and he gets fed the FD once a week.
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This is all very interesting. None of my 6 bettas will touch freeze dried bloodworms. One of the six will not eat frozen bloodworms. They all will eat the Hikari pellets, none will touch the Atisons pellets they are just to big. My two deltas love flake the other ones will not touch them. All of the like frozen brineshrimp. But one thing I did buy just to see what they would do with them is the Hikari Guppy Food, it is very very tiny almost like a powder but they are a pellet form and they all love these very much. They go insane when I give them these. I vary the diet each day for them but will never buy the freeze dried bloodworms again as they will not touch them. The DIscus are having a great time with them though.

I think when it comes to pellets though my choice is the Hikari....
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